30 outubro 2009

Lista de Comandos Elfbot NG - Cavebot

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Olá! Esta lista serve para você que já entende um pouco de programação de scripts para Elfbot NG, nesta lista iremos listar todos os comandos no quesito Cavebot.
  • countitems {itemid} - will count how many items of a certain item, you've got;
  • countitemsvisible {itemid} - will count how many visible items, you've got of a certain itemcountolditems;
  • countolditems {itemid} {timems} {itemname} - will serverside count the desired item if no "using one of xxx itemname" has occurent in the last timems milliseconds;
  • collectitems {backpack} {itemid1} {itemid2} {itemid3}... - picks up the listed items from squares all around you to the target backpack;
  • dropitems {itemid1} {itemid2} {itemid3}... - will drop all listed items on the ground;
  • dropitemsxyz {x} {y} {z} {itemid1} {itemid2} {itemid3}... - will drop all listed itemons on the ground on a specific x y z position;
  • dropitemsxyzamount {x} {y} {z} {itemid} {amount} - drops a certain amount of an item onto a tile;
  • goinvisible - casts 'utana vid' if you are not currently invisible;
  • gotolabel {labelname} - continues following waypoints at the waypoint for which you have set a specific label;
  • pickupitems {backpack} - will pick up all items on the title you're currently standing on and move them to an open container window;
  • pickupitemsamount {itemid} {amount} {backpack} - picks up a certain amount of an item that is on the same tile as you;
  • skip - will skip to the next waypoint;
  • stackitems - will stack all countable items that are split accross piles of less than 100 together;
  • wait {timems} - will wait a certain interval before executing the next command;

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